How did Glintt and Servassiste win an international FM prize?

Glintt is a consulting and technology company with more than 15 years of experience in developing information systems for asset management. That expertise led to creating a software that would help several companies manage their assets, back in 2013. A software you’re familiar with: GMAC.2.

GMAC.2 is a state-of-the-art asset management solution developed in web and mobile technology and with a great orientation to integrate with cooperative and machine-to-machine systems.

Its main functions are linked to the support of management processes, budgeting, planning and controlling tasks, regardless of their nature and processes applicable to the FM area in general.

This lead us to GMAC.2 philosophy, which is based on preventive maintenance instead of corrective maintenance, but what does this mean?

The idea behind preventive maintenance (PM) is that by performing regular maintenance on equipment, you lower the chances of equipment failure.

It’s based on the assumption that, during its lifetime, a machine component will degrade, within a given period that is common for its type. It´s important to analyse every aspect, to make smart and strategic decisions about which assets need maintenance, and when it will be needed. That way, you can avoid unnecessary or useless maintenance and reduce costs.

This brings us to predictive maintenance and the future of GMAC.2.

It differs from preventive maintenance in the sense that it requires predetermined and present conditions. Variances from the conditions, identified during continuous or routine measurements, provide the information needed to perform any maintenance required to avoid equipment failures or to coordinate repairs with scheduled maintenance, thus reducing costs.

A successful predictive maintenance program depends upon measurement and analysis. Although the investment in a predictive analysis is higher compared to preventive maintenance, in the end costs can be reduced by minimizing unnecessary maintenance. Also, the predictive maintenance processes often identify care that might be required in the near future, allowing it to be scheduled along with the routine procedures.

In this way, GMAC.2 innovates becoming a solution at the forefront of FM technology, focused on dematerialization, mobility and process efficiency. This lead Glintt to create a partnership with Servassist, an FM service provider, aiming to test GMAC.2 on field.

The goal of this partnership was to improve GMAC.2 solution. This was done by analysing and optimizing all Servassiste’s operational processes, dematerializing and improving data collection and providing the information at the right time, so they could make better decisions.

As for Servassiste, it was able to make the best use of the GMAC.2 solution, having dematerialized more than 50% of its processes, to increase in 100% the number of on-time data and improve the time taken to make decisions.

After all, GMAC.2 ended up being framed with the FM trends of the future, as: New Ways of Working, Sustainability, Technological advances and Focus on health and well-being, with features that allow the user to collect, manage and optimize on-time data about the assets of your business.


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